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Heidi "Hidle" Shepherd
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
New Zealand
Name: Heidi Shepherd
Gender: Female
Nationality: New Zealand European :iconnewzealandstamp:

Likes: Cats, Bunnies, Horses, Puppies, The Nostalgia Critic, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,Old Cartoons from the 80's and late 90's, Happy Tree Friends, Dark and Creepy Stuff, Drama, Art, Chicken, Chocolate, Traditional Values, Anime/Manga and many more! :D

Dislikes: Maths, being told what to do needlessly, Bullies, "Fakies" (You know what I'm talking about when people are like that! :angered:), forced into rushing things, the emotionally distant, people with an IQ of a raisin, Nagging, The News (or just the constant negative delivery of the media itself! :shrug:), People who can say a certain word, but don't know what it ACTUALLY means (eg: The "F" word... >__<) and I don't want to continue... :doh:

Hobbies: Sing to my MP3 player in the dark, draw (as you do when you're an cartoonist like me! ^^;),
Make randomly inspiring videos for Youtube (which is confidentally dependable as this individual has stated...),
reading, writing poems or ranting lectures, being a party animal now and then...

Disability: Asperger's Syndrome/ "High-Functioning Autism".
This (unfortunately) affects the way I say and/or do things. Such as having obssessive hobbies, eccentric interests, lack of social and communication skills, poor eye contact and be emotionally sensitive, but highly intelligent.

Even though I may struggle to say whatever is on my mind, at least I'm capable to use my talents and handy skills when neccessary. ^^; (I'm not as bad as you assume...:paranoid:)

Religion: Christianity. If you can respect me as a Christian, then I'll do likewise (even if you're not religious, which is fine by me :D). I'm entitled to my own opinions and values, so don't force me to think otherwise. We're all individuals after all, eh? :shrug:

My Rules

If you would like to contribute a piece of artwork (or more) with me, you must be able to follow the instructed rules below. Any failure to do so and you will face the consequences. Because that’s life, kid. Get used to it! :XD:

Art Requests & Trades

:bulletblack: Don’t be afraid to ask me what or who you would like me to draw for you. Just simply leave a comment telling me your request or take part in a trade. (eg: I draw, you colour, etc…)
:bulletblack: Fan art is welcome as long as it shows appropriate content, such as being around your favourite nostalgic character without going overboard with crack pairings and awkward fetishes.
:bulletblack: If you want a comic, please state the plot, characters who forfill the plot and locations. Make sure you give a page limit beforehand. This will help me learn how to generate your ideas the right way and keeps the pace of the plot running smoothly as possible.
:bulletblack: Under semi-strict circumstances, don’t ask me to display any explicit material that is intended to harm my reputation as an artist and my fans with disrespect. That means no violence, including extreme gore and dangerous weapons, offensive pornography and other destructive themes.

Memes & Questions

:bulletblack: Whenever I run out of ideas, memes take the role of the anti-boredom facility by filling in the time it takes for me to answer each question. If you have done a particular meme in the past, feel free to send me a link of the blank version of that meme.
:bulletblack: Any inappropriate memes given shall not be completed by force or any other form of defiance and resistance to my refusal.
:bulletblack: You can ask me or one of my original characters anything. Don’t be shy, we won’t bite! Just remember to keep your questions clean from rude, crude and generally disgusting concepts. Please and thank you!
:bulletblack: Inappropriate questions will be determined severely. With a sledgehammer.

Commissions & Final Quotes

:bulletblack: If you are willing to pay the correct amount of our agreed price on the commission(s), please quote how it will be paid on a proposed date. (eg: cash, cheque, online banking on the 5th June 2012, etc…) If you didn’t pay within 3 days of the date or inform me to confirm the payment, the commission will be cancelled. *Note: this function may or may not be put into action until further notice.*
:bulletblack: Plagiarism is not okay. It means that you download my artwork and unrightfully claim it as your own when it’s really under my initial ownership. Even if I can’t be bothered putting my signature on it, I will post up the copyright infringement policy that states that it IS my work and MY work alone. Respect it as I do…
:bulletblack: If you are planning to use one of my original creations in your artwork (eg: Kool Katz), please state that they belong to me as part of copyright infringement act. Eg: Kool Katz © MiniBaa209
:bulletblack: Always link back to my account if you’ve used a meme, forum or anything associating with scenario concepts created by me for others to use. Don’t forget that everyone else would like to give (what you have filled out) a go.
:bulletblack: If you fail to imply to these rules above, then you are given at least 3 warnings. After 3 warnings, you will have no further contact and shall be blocked beyond interaction.

Thank you for reading and consider my rules wisely in the future. :nod:

Good luck! :D

Anything Else?


Current Residence: Somewhere, But Not Here!
Favourite genre of music: Any kind
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Manga/Anime, Photography
Personal Quote: "Life is like a story, you can tell your world like it is."
It's been too long.

Like waaaaaaaaaaay too long for me to be this far into AWOL. If you catch my drift.
If not, then sit in the corner of shame and think about what you did! D:< Nah, I kid. :trollface:

A couple of weeks, if not 2 or more months back, I've moved into a new place that offers cheaper rent.
I'm not living in a lodge however, but in an ensuite with a small kitchen unit, wardrobe + shelf set and other simple stuff like that.
The only drawback is that I have to go next door to use the bathroom if I need to go to the loo, have a shower or get my frozen grub from their freezer. I do have my own fridge in my room, but the freezer's quite small. 

Not only did I have to get used to the change with the new environment I was in, but my studies were getting my head in.
So I did the unthinkable and wagged. Yep. I'm a bad girl... :devilish:
In the past I wanted to wag high school during my last 2 years as I was fed up with having to please everyone other than me.
But I never wagged, because of consequences, further trouble, blah, blah, blah...
Normally, I just stick to my daily commitments, but then I thought about my situation with financial problems and having to travel there and back 5 days a week. Then I was like "Hey, maybe I'll just chill at home and play on my Nintendo 3DS."
So I did that. Then I felt guilty and decided to try a lot harder to attend my course for next term.

Other than the hectic turn of events, I've been fine.
Didn't kill myself, so at least I'm still alive, feeding myself and taking it easy.
Maybe too easy since I should have kicked myself in the arse and get myself up for school.
Half the time I hated being a student, because it's no wonder everyone "treats" me like one.
Even if I'm a 21-year-old intelligent individual. Go figure.

My sleeping pattern's disturbed after becoming an abridged night owl from 12am to 11amish-12pm in the afternoon.
Hence why I hate mornings. Oh, well...

I'm planning on signing up with Paypal in order to get my commissions up and running sometime next week.
So there will be no more requests and role-playing scenarios from here on out.
Unless you're a friend of mine, then we can do it in notes. Sorry. 

I hope you guys are healthy as cuddly piglets and not staying up late into the midnight hours.
Now to cook me some dinner.

:heart: ~ MiniBaa209

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