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Top Ten Hottest Animated Guys by MiniBaa209
Top Ten Hottest Animated Guys

Normally I would never go out of my way to admitting cartoon crushes.
Okay, I take it back, because I’ve mentioned among friends (here on DeviantART) only one, if not more, of harbouring admiration for
fictitious studs.

For quite a time, I’ve been contemplating on creating a list of my favourite animated guys/men/studs/etc out of boredom.
But I’ve left it to soak since 12th of February 2014 for way too long, so it was bound to pop up now and then to remind me.

So here we are, folks.

(Warning: I have weird taste in men. Just giving you a head’s up!)

10. Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger/Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)

Despite being a raging psychopath after Bart sabotages his career, Sideshow Bob was one heck of a hunk.
His voice is calmly rich, has a somewhat polite manner and is an articulate, evil genius. The reason why Sideshow Bob is at the very bottom of the list is that he will try to kill you. Regardless of anything you have done to him or not.

9. Him (The Powerpuff Girls)

Who wouldn’t want to put a transvestite demon on their list?!
Aside from that spontaneous outburst, Him is a sassy, cunning mastermind.
With a mental twist on the one-to-three conflicts, stylish and a voice that will make auto-tuned robots jealous, Him is guaranteed the 9th spot.

8. Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)

The teenage years were not so kind to us.
After all, we hunted down for violent thrills and gory jokes instead of sentimental treasures and happy-sappy stuff.
Happy Tree Friends provided this with a cutesy charm which will throw faint-hearted individuals off guard.
Flippy was usually the bait of naïve fangirls and brought out gut-wrenching laughs from devoted fans.
Unfortunately, Flippy is a war veteran and it’s no laughing matter in real life.
Then again, Flippy is able to manipulate his victims with a creative streak of MacGuyver on drugs. Yay, I guess?
Flippy, because we like to murder sh*t…

7. Hades (Hercules – Disney Version)

To be honest, I liked Hercules as a kid.
I was into the humour and Megara/Meg more than the mythical inaccuracies pointed out in the film.
Hades was more engaging than Hercules ever was and his character design is rather fascinating.
He’s sleazy, easilt makes deals than Frankie from The Middle and has a fiery hairdo whom any death metal enthusiasts will die for. Literally.
In 7th place, Hades rules with a smokey misted fist!

6. Nergal (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Yet another demon on my list.
Nergal is like one of those pitiful Nice Guys that gets Friend-Zoned all the time.
But in Nergal’s case, he’s plomped in the Lonely Valley!
More or less in the Earth’s core from what I know…
Nergal is eagerly determined to become friends with anyone he’s in contact with and that makes him relatable.
On the other hand, he has no socially advanced means of impressing most people which in turn sends him on a tentacle-whipping outrage.
Ouch. >.>;

5. Jafar (Aladdin – Disney Version)

Jafar used to bug me when I was younger.
Mainly because he seemed intimidating and all around creepy whenever he was on screen.
Then I became older and saw him in a different angle.
He’s sly, if not a bit witty at times.
There was a well-known fact floating around that he was drawn by a pregnant woman.
Heh, maybe she wished she was back in her post-baby form while sketching him out? Who knows for sure…
Overall, Jafar’s a great villain to watch.

4. Kaa the Snake (The Jungle Book - Disney Version)

It came to no surprise that Kaa, of all reptiles, would be on this list (for any valid reason).
Hypnotically intriguing, comical and the clever use of his coils, Kaa gains the 4th spot. The main reasons that he is not higher on the list are that (a) he’s a snake and (b) like Jafar, he used to creep me out as a kid.
Then I grew accustomed to him after a while as being my favourite childhood villain. Kaa the Snake, because why not?

3. L Lawliet (Death Note)

What would have made Death Note better for me was having L get more screen time between episodes and Misa Misa given small doses of fangirling orgasms whenever Light’s around.
I could never get over why L’s the main antagonist in the show, because Light was too obvious to be the villain otherwise.
Calculating, mysterious and has a serious sweet tooth, L conquers the 3rd spot.
Too bad he tragically died of a heart attack and was replaced by a white-haired child detective prodigy. Go figure.

2. Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

The Lord of Chaos and Disharmony himself, Discord is one of the most entertaining villains I ever came across.
I was so close to becoming deeply infatuated with him, that I had to give myself a reality check just in the nick of time.
He’s hilarious, charming, intelligent and his design fits him to a T (Or D in Discord’s case).
Unfortunately, he can be unpredictable and breach the personal space bubble at times.
It really bugs me after his reformation that the Mane Six don’t trust how much he has changed from his former self.
(Sure, he’s still a bit chaotic at times, but at least he’s behaving himself…)
Besides having a relatively good relationship with Fluttershy (platonically), the rest go out of their way to give him the crap end of the friendship stick.
That’s just sad…

1. Chip Skylark (The Fairly Odd Parents)

My teenage heart skipped a beat when Chip came on the TV screen.
He was dreamy-looking and inspired me to keep singing.
But just like L, Chip is never given enough screen time.
When he does get screen time however, he gives it his all.
Unlike most musicians, he’s willing to devote to his fans and has a high degree of god-like dental health.
Even though I know they’re really fake teeth.
Chip Skylark may be my old flame, but he deserves the #1 seat.

So we have the following fictitious studs in random categories:

    -         Three demons/demi-gods (Hades, Him & Nergal)

    -         Three animals (Flippy, Discord & Kaa)

    -         Two psychopaths/killers (Sideshow Bob & Flippy)

    -         One Arabian Sorcerer (Jafar)

    -         One Pop Singer (Chip Skylark)


All presented characters belong to their rightful owners.

Artwork & List © MiniBaa209

My Little Colts OC by MiniBaa209
My Little Colts OC
Date Completion: 20/03/2015 - 24/03/2015

After sorting through my Alicorn crop, I've decided to size down to only three male OCs because I've got three female OCs already.
I wanted to even out my personal "Mane Six" like I would my Pokemon team since I didn't like the idea of having an all-feminine team.
Of course I have nothing against all-girl teams, it's just that it can be a bit uneven for me at times.

(Far Left) Scruffy Pegasus:
This messy character will be Snuzie's older brother, since they are both pegasi.
He likes to play pranks on other ponies and playing with his little sister.
For some reason, I actually wanted to literally call him "Scruffy". :XD:

(Center) Grim-Looking Earth Pony:
It's Blade without his wings and horn. Not that it matters.
His occupation is ironing metal. Or blacksmithing. Whatever.

(Far Right)Scar Alicorn:
I changed his mane and tail colour because the grey crashed hideously with the cream coat of his.
It made him look older than he needs to be and it compliments his eye colour more nicely.
(Ugh, I forgot his scar! :ohnoes:)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Artwork & Characters (c) MiniBaa209


MiniBaa209's Profile Picture
Heidi "Hidle" Shepherd
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
New Zealand
Name: Heidi Shepherd
Gender: Female
Nationality: New Zealand European :iconnewzealandstamp:

Likes: Cats, Bunnies, Horses, Puppies, The Nostalgia Critic, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,Old Cartoons from the 80's and late 90's, Happy Tree Friends, Dark and Creepy Stuff, Drama, Art, Chicken, Chocolate, Traditional Values, Anime/Manga and many more! :D

Dislikes: Maths, being told what to do needlessly, Bullies, "Fakies" (You know what I'm talking about when people are like that! :angered:), forced into rushing things, the emotionally distant, people with an IQ of a raisin, Nagging, The News (or just the constant negative delivery of the media itself! :shrug:), People who can say a certain word, but don't know what it ACTUALLY means (eg: The "F" word... >__<) and I don't want to continue... :doh:

Hobbies: Sing to my MP3 player in the dark, draw (as you do when you're an cartoonist like me! ^^;),
Make randomly inspiring videos for Youtube (which is confidentally dependable as this individual has stated...),
reading, writing poems or ranting lectures, being a party animal now and then...

Disability: Asperger's Syndrome/ "High-Functioning Autism".
This (unfortunately) affects the way I say and/or do things. Such as having obssessive hobbies, eccentric interests, lack of social and communication skills, poor eye contact and be emotionally sensitive, but highly intelligent.

Even though I may struggle to say whatever is on my mind, at least I'm capable to use my talents and handy skills when neccessary. ^^; (I'm not as bad as you assume...:paranoid:)

Religion: Christianity. If you can respect me as a Christian, then I'll do likewise (even if you're not religious, which is fine by me :D). I'm entitled to my own opinions and values, so don't force me to think otherwise. We're all individuals after all, eh? :shrug:

Current Residence: Somewhere, But Not Here!
Favourite genre of music: Any kind
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Manga/Anime, Photography
Personal Quote: "Life is like a story, you can tell your world like it is."
Hello, everyone! :3

I hope you guys had a good Easter. As for me it was 50/50.
Mainly because I had to recover from the tummy bug and the runs before it came around. D:
Don't worry, I got over it in good time! 

Watched The Cutie Map and Castle Sweet Castle for Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
The Cutie Map was both a great, but creepy episode about a town bent on egalitarian rules and defeating the purpose of being an individual. Sounds like New Zealand indeed! :D
Castle Sweet Castle just addressed Twilight and Spike's loss of the Golden Oak Library and their friends remind them to cherish the old memories as well as making new ones. Seems poignant, but hits the nail on the head.

So I'm going to make my top ten list of the hottest animated guys sometime this week.
I'll be making a lengthy description with a document, so that I don't have to type so much.
(It saves time for me this way! ^^;)
Don't know when I'll post it, so just be patient. 
After that, I don't know what else to draw. Feel free to suggest me some ideas. :meow:

Alright, you guys keep yourselves out of trouble and BE GOOD. D:<
(Don't make me hunt you down and remove your skull from your spine!)

:heart: ~ MiniBaa209
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