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About Traditional Art / Student Heidi "Hidle" ShepherdFemale/New Zealand Group :iconminifans: MiniFans
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I am a mystery; you cannot solve me.
I am a variety of sorts, so you can’t judge me…

I am popular to a few, but I lack group co-operation.
I am sweet and innocent, yet I could use a closer inspection…

They don’t know me, I don’t know them.
It’s better this way: more for me than for them.

Summer hits the Winter.
Autumn cans the Spring.
I watch these seasonal attitudes and the burdens they bring.

As an anonymous cause of the status unknown to man.
Whenever I speak – after a long silent week – no one offers a friendly, gentle hand….

This is the life of The Social Leper.
Nothing less about the person, but their indelible stories grow more…

~ MiniBaa209
The Social Leper
Date Written: 15/08/2011
Date Typed: 10/03/2016

This was based off a really really really old poem I wrote back when I was finishing off my last year in high school.
I was feeling like a senior outcast and decided to write about how it feels to be alone and other lonesome stuff like that. :hmm:
Mainly because I didn't have much friends. Just friendly acquaintances, I guess...
Also, I'm sorry if I had not submitted very much artwork or whatever for this month. I'm a pretty busy person at the moment. ^^; 

Poem (c) MiniBaa209
Normally I would make myself a birthday comic or picture, but I'm not going to be bothered. It feels selfish, spoiled and time-consuming for me.
I'm also heading down to my aunt's wedding for the weekend, so it will not happen. 

{Then again, there's Friday the 13th. 
Yes, I've seen the movie on DVD when I was 20.
No, I'm not going to murder anyone.
Why would I wanna end someone else's life anyway?}

:heart: ~ MiniBaa209
The Skrawlette's Plan by MiniBaa209
The Skrawlette's Plan
Date Completion: 06/04/2016 - 08/05/2016

She's determined to infiltrate Chalkzone, make her fabulous mark somewhere in it and something about making The Skrawl her "man"...
Seems legit.

The Skrawl & Chalkzone (c) Bill Burnett & Larry Huber
The Skrawlette & Artowrk (c) MiniBaa209


MiniBaa209's Profile Picture
Heidi "Hidle" Shepherd
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
New Zealand
Name: Heidi Shepherd
Gender: Female
Nationality: New Zealand European :iconnewzealandstamp:

Likes: Cats, Bunnies, Horses, Puppies, The Nostalgia Critic, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,Old Cartoons from the 80's and late 90's, Happy Tree Friends, Dark and Creepy Stuff, Drama, Art, Chicken, Chocolate, Traditional Values, Anime/Manga and many more! :D

Dislikes: Maths, being told what to do needlessly, Bullies, "Fakies" (You know what I'm talking about when people are like that! :angered:), forced into rushing things, the emotionally distant, people with an IQ of a raisin, Nagging, The News (or just the constant negative delivery of the media itself! :shrug:), People who can say a certain word, but don't know what it ACTUALLY means (eg: The "F" word... >__<) and I don't want to continue... :doh:

Hobbies: Sing to my MP3 player in the dark, draw (as you do when you're an cartoonist like me! ^^;),
Make randomly inspiring videos for Youtube (which is confidentally dependable as this individual has stated...),
reading, writing poems or ranting lectures, being a party animal now and then...

Disability: Asperger's Syndrome/ "High-Functioning Autism".
This (unfortunately) affects the way I say and/or do things. Such as having obssessive hobbies, eccentric interests, lack of social and communication skills, poor eye contact and be emotionally sensitive, but highly intelligent.

Even though I may struggle to say whatever is on my mind, at least I'm capable to use my talents and handy skills when neccessary. ^^; (I'm not as bad as you assume...:paranoid:)

Religion: Christianity. If you can respect me as a Christian, then I'll do likewise (even if you're not religious, which is fine by me :D). I'm entitled to my own opinions and values, so don't force me to think otherwise. We're all individuals after all, eh? :shrug:

Current Residence: Somewhere, But Not Here!
Favourite genre of music: Any kind
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Manga/Anime, Photography
Personal Quote: "Life is like a story, you can tell your world like it is."
Being depressed sucks:
- I've been having sleeping on irregular hours. Might as well go to bed early, even though I really don't want to.
- Had to move in with my mother for the second time as last year was quite full on for me. So much for doing things on my own for only one year.
- Been drawing and working on my Misfortunes Untold comic for the Detail Drama 2 installment. It will take me ages to do it, whenever I feel like outlining and colouring it in or not.
  After I manage my files, I will post them up when they're ready. One page at a time, because then you'll have to turn to the next one in the description and whatnot.
- As you have noticed by now, my quality of artwork has improved. Yes I know and thank you! 
  Can't wait to reach an almost-perfect depiction of just doing what I love: which is art. :aww:

I will have to return to volunteering at the local museum, because I don't like the thought of finding a job.
Then again; I'll have to sniff out a part-time job that pays me decently. If at all.

Anybody doing interesting this Easter holidays?
I'm just chilling and resisting the sickening urge to eat too much chocolate. As usual per year. :meow:

Take care and spare your underwear! :dummy:

:heart: ~ MiniBaa209
  • Listening to: Lydia - Fur Patrol

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Thank you! ~ :heart: :hug:
MiniatureMew Featured By Owner May 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome!
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner May 15, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Any time. :D
CosmicNemo Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Student Filmographer
*gentle screaming*


Hhhh it's been forever since I spoke to you! In case you don't know who the frickles I am, it's me, Hailz~
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Oh. my. FREAKIN' GOODNESS! :hug: ~ :heart:

I thought you were off for good since a few years back or something.
How have ya been? :meow: 
CosmicNemo Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Student Filmographer
I've been good! You?

Yeeaaahh sorry it took me so long to contact you! As you can see, I have matured from a "LOL XDDDDDD OMFGGGGG SWAGALICIOUS" child~ I'm mighty proud of myself!

HHHhhhh your art improved so much! I really love it~
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
That's great! ^//w//^ ~ :heart:

I see, very good indeed. I haven't changed much myself, but I'm living with my mother though. Tough year for me last year.
Then again, I'll be turning my life around with baby steps. ^^;

Yeah, thanks. :D
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Bow2YourWaifu Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for supportin mah art!
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome. :D ~ :heart:
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