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About Traditional Art / Student Heidi "Hidle" ShepherdFemale/New Zealand Group :iconminifans: MiniFans
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New Zealous Fag by MiniBaa209
New Zealous Fag
My first drawing around the 11th of October, 2011.

Expresses the harshmallow reality of my people. :/

No wonder I want to leave... :paranoid:

The Silver Fern Fetish is revoltingly DISGUSTING. >:C :puke:

Artwork (c) MiniBaa209
Then and Now by MiniBaa209
Then and Now
Date confirmed from my mental fiasco recovery period.
{All before Halloween, of all events. >:D }

All respected character belong to their respected owners. {"Respectfully"...} :iconfancyplz:
Artwork (c) MiniBaa209


MiniBaa209's Profile Picture
Heidi "Hidle" Shepherd
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
New Zealand
Name: Heidi Shepherd
Gender: Female
Nationality: New Zealand European :iconnewzealandstamp:

Likes: Cats, Bunnies, Horses, Puppies, The Nostalgia Critic, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,Old Cartoons from the 80's and late 90's, Happy Tree Friends, Dark and Creepy Stuff, Drama, Art, Chicken, Chocolate, Traditional Values, Anime/Manga and many more! :D

Dislikes: Maths, being told what to do needlessly, Bullies, "Fakies" (You know what I'm talking about when people are like that! :angered:), forced into rushing things, the emotionally distant, people with an IQ of a raisin, Nagging, The News (or just the constant negative delivery of the media itself! :shrug:), People who can say a certain word, but don't know what it ACTUALLY means (eg: The "F" word... >__<) and I don't want to continue... :doh:

Hobbies: Sing to my MP3 player in the dark, draw (as you do when you're an cartoonist like me! ^^;),
Make randomly inspiring videos for Youtube (which is confidentally dependable as this individual has stated...),
reading, writing poems or ranting lectures, being a party animal now and then...

Disability: Asperger's Syndrome/ "High-Functioning Autism".
This (unfortunately) affects the way I say and/or do things. Such as having obssessive hobbies, eccentric interests, lack of social and communication skills, poor eye contact and be emotionally sensitive, but highly intelligent.

Even though I may struggle to say whatever is on my mind, at least I'm capable to use my talents and handy skills when neccessary. ^^; (I'm not as bad as you assume...:paranoid:)

Religion: Christianity. If you can respect me as a Christian, then I'll do likewise (even if you're not religious, which is fine by me :D). I'm entitled to my own opinions and values, so don't force me to think otherwise. We're all individuals after all, eh? :shrug:

Current Residence: Somewhere, But Not Here!
Favourite genre of music: Any kind
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Manga/Anime, Photography
Personal Quote: "Life is like a story, you can tell your world like it is."
I've decided to just be me. {Ever since I had a crazy turn of restless nights coming up to Halloween.}

Then again, it would be nice for me to change my username to something else. Why? Because it was a silly notion for me to be known as a little lamb that blindly follows every artist, creator and the like just out of pure inspiration.
But in order for me to put up a new account, I must have a different email address.
Which is a pain since I like my current one. So feel free to spout me any useful websites.
Whatever works in New Zealand I guess.

Speaking of New Zealand, the people here will NEVER SHUT THE LID on their obsessive circle-jerking match with the All Blacks: a rugby team with a flare for challenging their opponents or anything that's bloody active and sporty. 
It's no wonder the arts, the laid-back culture and anything else that passes for culture shocked reactions tends to dim in the background compared to wearing a black-and-white mindset and being waaaayyyyy too sensitive to anything "new" or what the term "ingenuity" EVEN means to anyone who paid attention in class. If they did at all.
Ironically, we've got Uncle John Key to thank for legalizing gay marriage though.
At least that'll make me Dad's blood boil harder than it needs to. *shrug*
C'mon, my Kiwi bros and Tui sisters. You're better than that! (But hey, Tall Poppy Syndrome, anyone?)
I better go out before I blow a fuse. Meh. 

:heart: ~ MiniBaa209

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htfan1246 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there!
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hi. How are you?
htfan1246 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doing good. You?
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Meh, I could be better.
(1 Reply)
Izzy-the-artist Featured By Owner Edited Oct 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i see you're a kiwi too!
what do you think about changing our flag?
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hi, Izzy! :)
Yep, born and raised. :D

I think it should stay the way it is. Because to change the designs themselves will ultimately change our national icon across international shores. And what's up with this Silver Fern Fetish everyone's into all of a sudden?
It's even weirder than hearing assumptions of us fornicating our sheep!

Umm, sorry bout that. I'm a bit blunt. ^^;
Izzy-the-artist Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
heh,same :)

i agree with you 100%,most of the designs for the flags look ugly in my opinion,if i had to choose a flag it would be the mountain...
(finally,someone that wants to keep the flag the same!)

oh,its ok :D
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, it's what Applejack would have wanted. Or so she thought. :/
scarlet-pikachu Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
Baaaa baaaa
MiniBaa209 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
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